Court Marriage

This is a very pertinent question that the target audience has asked. According to the special marriage act, experts from the legal field agree that court marriages happen in India. But, what is a special marriage act, for that matter of fact? Experts from the legal field acknowledge that the special marriage act was formulated in 1954. However, the special marriage act is known to be uniform on a mass scale and is understood to be a common aspect for all the citizens of India. However, the target audience needs to know that a court marriage can be easily performed irrespective of any particular discrimination factor. Such kind of a marriage is also known to be a registered marriage.  Here In this blog tells about Court Marriage Registration Procedure.

What Is the Role of a Lawyer in Court Marriage?

The role of a marriage lawyer can be very engaging. Right from making an application to verifying documents, the legal counsel needs to take a huge responsibility.  In addition to the same, the lawyer will have to advise the parties on the registration process details. Preparing and bringing in witnesses also remains one of the lawyer’s primary responsibilities. However, a marriage lawyer renders a professional service in lieu of professional fees. At the same time, each planning to go for a court marriage should contact the marriage lawyer in advance to understand the intricacies of the service provided.